Our Story


Eyjey Luxury home decor

I was born in a magical city called “Istanbul” when children were able to play together outside. Those years me and my sister had one baby doll and our best game was to dress that doll with many different colored strings. We only had one doll but a lot of different size and colored strings, because our parents were one of the last representatives of a 3000 years of tradition - hand knotted carpet weaving. As we grew up, we used to knot unique dresses for our baby doll on a loom our father gave us. The tradition of Turkish oriental rug production transferred from generations until today, however my family is probably one of the last representatives who still follows the legend as machinery changed everything in today’s world.

EYJEY (“Ece” - queen in Turkish) is a family business registered in NY, USA targeting to support the 3000 years of traditional hand knotted carpet culture by means of collecting very selective antique, semi-antique, mid-century modern, vintage hand knotted carpets and kilim rugs from their original regions and delivering to US customers with a full return guarantee.

Today, it is only art which cannot be copied by machines. So, If you want to support authentic artisans too, check out our collections and give yourself the opportunity to be their voice.