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Handwoven Kids Rug: Red Roses Turkish Kilim Rug (3`0`` x 4`4``)

Handwoven Kids Rug: Red Roses Turkish Kilim Rug (3`0`` x 4`4``)

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Have you ever planted roses? While planting roses on this rug we realized that roses grow and spread very quickly when they like their ground. They bloom up spontaneously on every corner. Be it a drawing, a rug, a poem or a garden one rose becomes a hundred roses when it likes the ground it has been planted....

The idea was to weave a rose; one rose became one hundred. We weaved this rug dreaming of kids who enjoy playing outside, are lucky enough to grow up while smelling the amazing aromas of the nature. This dream became a reality involving a variety of stories.

What do you remember when you look at this rug, what childhood memories do you associate it with? It will be so much fun to play this game of remembrance with your child. We are so happy to be the grounds for this fun time.

Red Roses is a hand woven rug using hundred percent wool and natural dyes. Our respect to the nature and to the health of our kids has always been our guide in our path.


3`0`` x 4`4`` and 0.2″ thick

Hand Woven


All Wool



We offer custom sizes and colors as well as completely customized hand made rugs and kilims. For personalization or any kind of custom request, please send your inquiry to 

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