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Handwoven Kids Rug: Colorful Street Turkish Kilim Rug (4`1`` x 5`3``)

Handwoven Kids Rug: Colorful Street Turkish Kilim Rug (4`1`` x 5`3``)

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Let's see a count of hands if you like street games.
Children kicking a ball, playing hopscotch, jumping rope, playing hide and seek...

Children the beautiful colors of the street and games that make the street a fun place.
Can you think of any others? Have you ever played on the streets with your friends? What games you played? We wanted to open a colorful window to the street and gift you a game.

Have you ever heard of “COLORFUL STOP” game!
Let me tell you how we play it.
We need a ball and at least 3 people to play the game, actually more the merrier. The players form a circle to start with, and one of them will be it.

Now the rules of the game. It will throw the ball up shouting one of the players' name. The player who is called should catch the ball before it touches the round , scream “STOP” and calls a color. The other players should find the color that is called and touch it, so they would avoid becoming it. The person who can not find the color should be it, and the game would go on like this.

Our rugs are hand woven with hundred percent wool and natural dyes. Enjoy playing games on them.


4`1`` x 5`3`` and 0.2″ thick

Hand Woven


All Wool



We offer custom sizes and colors as well as completely customized hand made rugs and kilims. For personalization or any kind of custom request, please send your inquiry to

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